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Transparent Showcase Glass


Showcase is widely used in commercial display field.It possesses good display effect,highlights products and gets adopted widely.Therefore,it is important to select a good quality showcase glass for commercial display purpose.

When we design the showcase,better presenting products and convenience for customers to view products are both elements needed to be considered.As far as possible,every part of the product may be clearly viewed by the customers.Sometimes customers may need to have a close look at products thus ask salesclerks to take products out of showcases.Therefore,designing for a much handy showcase becomes critical.Regarding making showcases,we need to consider both functionality and aesthetics when it comes to choose raw materials,colors and lighting.

Showcase is generally used for occasions like reporting,selling,festival celebrating,and entertaining.Most showcases in shopping malls and departments stores are made of glass.Products are isolated by transparent glass from externals and preserved in a relatively insulated space for products’security and stability.Transparent showcase glass could offer customer to see commodities without obstacles,but also keep commodities safe from outside.